Helping parents navigate the school system

to get positive results for children

with educational, psychological or medical needs.

What is an Education Advocate

Special Education Advocates are professionals who help parents navigate the school system and decipher the education process. They are not attorneys. But,  their knowledge in special education law can provide parents information to help them understand their rights.  Their expertise can  help parents with a variety of  issues related to their child's education, including helping organize and understand records and reports, attend ing ARD meetings, helping access  services in the school and the community.  Most importantly, an advocate  teaches parents to become their own child's advocate. 

Think about why you need one

A support system

Going into a room full of people you don't know and talking to them about your child can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. You want someone who can objectively tell you what is going on and give you advice and support. 

 Understand Testing

It can be overwhelming trying to understand the terminology used by the school. You don't have hours to research what it all means. School psychologists, special education teachers, and other related services professionals have gone to school for many years to understand how to test and interpret results. Most parents are new to the process and need help from someone who has their child's best interest in mind. 

Know your rights

How many times have your heard the following statements?


"We don't offer that service"

"We don't have the money for that." 

"We need to wait until grades drop." 


What you don't know about your rights can hurt your child. Many times a parent is given excuses.  An advocate can help you access information that explains parents rights and gives parents information regarding the obligations that schools have to provide an appropriate education for your child. 

I can help

If you believe your child is not receiving appropriate services from their school. 



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