Getting Started


Let's Talk

During this initial conversation, we'll discuss your concerns and I can learn why you feel you might need an Advocate. You can feel free to ask me any questions about my services and fees. If we both agree that it is a good fit, we'll move to the intake form and contract. 


Get Records

You will  send me all recent records & evaluations for review. If necessary, I can help you obtain them from the school and explain the process for getting your child's records.


Review records

I will spend some time reviewing all the documents and highlight any important information for discussion.


Lets Meet... 

 We will meet in person or over the phone to review and discuss my findings. The feedback will include options for you to consider. I will also spend some time explaining the services that are usually offered in school and your rights in obtaining them. 


Next Steps

The next steps might include attending an ARD or 504 meeting, helping you write a letter to request testing, giving you information on community services that your child might be eligible for. Together we'll formulate the best plan for achieving your goals.

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